5 Incredible Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve Around The World


Ready or not, but summer is about to end, and as it starts to get colder, it is that time to slowly start making your New Years plans. For some, New Years Eve feels like a time when to make important changes, it’s like a time when the universe is pressing a ”reset button”. But not for us, travelers. For us, it is a time when to experience colorful carnivals and celebrations. A time when to watch 10000 fireworks exploding in the sky. A time to start a new year and new beginnings. 

So, where exactly in the world are the most colorful, remarkable and unique New Year’s Eve celebrations? In this article, we will pick a couple of well-known cities, so if you haven’t decided yet where to go for your New Years celebrations, then we would love to recommend you our picks, so you can say goodbye to 2018 with a blast and give a warm welcome to 2019.
Did you know that Sydney is the New Year’s Eve Capital of the World? In fact, many experienced travelers would say that there is no better place where to celebrate NYE. And who could argue with them, when Sydney obviously knows how to throw the fireworks. The internationally admired event takes place on a Syndey Harbor and gathers together a million people. Its the biggest party of Sydney, so be ready to experience dazzling shows and great music along the unbeatable firework show.
Hong Kong
New Years in Hong Kong is exactly the same exciting as it sounds. In fact, here party starts already at Christmas and lasts even till February, isn’t that exciting? It literally, could be your longest celebration.
For those of you who want to experience Hong Kong in all its colors, there is no better way than attending a New Years parade. It’s an event where everybody is welcome. You can be sure that you will experience Chinese New Year like in no other place before, with a fabulous parade of floats, with a music of international and local performers and here you will see stunning firework show over the harbour. 
There is no doubt, the best way to celebrate NYE in Dubai is, of course, on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building. You cannot miss this opportunity to experience all the lights show from the top of Burj Khalifa. It will hold your breath away. Dubai is an absolutely fantastic destination for those of you who are looking for a more luxurious celebration experience. Magnificent fireworks, fancy galas…All ready for you to enjoy this stunning part of the world.
Whether you want to bring in New Year with the sand in your toes or with a drink in hand, Bangkok has many things to offer for everybody. But the best NYE party is the so-called Bangkok Countdown. Powerful concerts, magical pyro artworks, the best cocktails…Yes, all of this and even more you can experience at the Bangkok Countdown. In fact, there might not be a better reason to visit Thailand than the celebrations of NYE in Bangkok.
Rio De Janeiro
Believe or not, but more famous than a carnival in Rio De Janeiro is only a New Years Eve in Rio De Janeiro. There is only one place you should go for the celebration- Copacabana beach, the most famous beach in Brazil. Experience the music, costumes, and colors of Rio during the most magical night of the year. Is there any better way how to celebrate NYE than celebrating it on the beach? We don’t think so. Be sure to find your most comfortable, white summer clothes to blend in for a traditional Brazilian New Year’s Eve party.
Are you already excited for your upcoming New Years Eve? Life should not be only lived. It should be celebrated. And there are no better celebrations than the ones you spend in nice places. 

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    Jayashree Sengupta

    The world’s a small place <3 with so much of happiness… traveling brings out the positivity to life. Just look at the light shows all around 🙂 Just love them

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    I’ve always wanted to see the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney. Not only is it spectacular, it’s one of the first places that celebrates the new year. Actually, all the ones you mention look spectacular!

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