5 Coworking Places To Try Out In Thailand


We’re living in a global world where traveling has never been easier and more convenient. It’s not a strange thing that the term ‘digital nomad’ can be seen all over social media. In today’s economy, people seek for freedom and global economy can provide you with that – an ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Digital nomads are people who’re able to travel around the world, experience different places while working hard on their projects. How they succeed in that and what they need to have in order to be successful? Well, basically a working PC /Mac and high-speed internet will do the work, but in the recent years, coworking spaces started to pop up like mushrooms after the rain. Coworking space is an amazing environment that provides a digital nomad with all essentials and beyond. Also, building a network of positive people who’re passionate and professional in their fields is crucial. You can do it all in coworking spaces! We previous wrote a post on how to travel and work – HERE


One of the most popular destination for digital nomads is by far Thailand. In this article, we’re going to provide you with the 5 coworking spaces you must check out while working around stunning Thailand.


#1 KoHub


If you’re missing that island vibe on the island that is very developed, but still not in a full touristic swing, then Koh Lanta will take a good care of you. It’s a small island located in southern Thailand near Phuket and Krabi. Getting to the island is very easy and you can choose between few options – a private shuttle or a ferry. There are plenty of activities to do on and around the island and when you combine it with amazing people there, you have a perfect and laid back combination to do some work there!


On the island, there is an amazing coworking space called KoHub. It’s a very popular place that accommodates hundreds digital nomads per year. The space has everything you need – an AC rooms, garden office, kitchen, conference rooms, playrooms and of course an unlimited access to coffee and tea. What else to ask for? The space is very organized and run by passionate people who’re always organizing amazing events every day. That way they’re trying to build up a strong and connected community of people which is amazing things, especially if you’re traveling alone.

Go and give a try to this incredible coworking space. Check out their packages and more!


#2 BeachHub


Another incredible coworking space found the home at stunning island named Koh Phanghan. This island will give you an amazing island vibe, but it’s far more touristy than Koh Lanta, especially during Full Moon party that is held on the island. If you’re a person who loves socializing and partying, then this island will be the ideal getaway for you. There are unlimited things to do around and on the island and your best friend should always be a good ol’ scooter to discover the beauty of this island.


Many digital nomads are giving the wrong idea of the term that you can work on the beach while drinking a cold Mojito. That’s just a partial truth since we all know that it would cause a lot of technical problems and when you add a distracting environment, that is hardly possible. There is always a but!


BeachHub is a coworking space that is literally located on the beach! They carefully made the facility that enables you to literally work on the beach while your toes are dipping in the white sand! They have everything when it comes to facility – AC rooms, conference rooms, deck offices, beach offices, chill out zone filled with hammocks, kitchen and much more.

If you’re interested in knowing more, check out their package page.


#3 Pun Space


We all heard for Chiang Mai and digital nomad scene there, right? Believe us, the words and videos can’t tell you the exact vibe there! The place is literally full with positive and professional digital nomads all around the world who’re ready to share their knowledge and stories with you. If you’re just starting out with your digital nomad journey, consider visiting Chiang Mai as you’ll build a huge network of people and have an unforgettable time in the city.


City is filled with temples and sightseeing and there are many things to do in the mountains and jungle around the city. Also, the partying there is on a good voice, so if you love socializing and connecting with amazing people, then Chiang Mai is the place to go!


Pun Space is a very popular coworking space that is one of the first coworking spaces in Thailand and today, many people love to use the place. The place is equipped with everything one professional need – ergonomic seats, private offices for teams, desk reservations, chill out area, Skype rooms, fast and reliable WiFi, lockers, huge monitors and much more.

To check their package pricing and other things they offer for teams and individuals, head over to their official page.


#4 The Hive


We simply can’t finish this article without mentioning one in the country’s capital city Bangkok. There are dozens of coworking spaces in Bangkok with a fast popping out rate, but this one simply stands out from the crowd!


Bangkok is a huge city and it’s one of the hubs for international travelers which means it’s hard to avoid that city while traveling around SEA. We really advice you to stay in the city for at least a month to learn about the culture and explore temples, delicious street food and of course, their unforgettable nightlife. If you’re someone who loves socializing and connecting with people, then Bangkok is the ideal city for you!


The Hive is a very modern coworking space located in a very fancy area of the city. The coworking space is located in a five story building with a rooftop cafe serving amazing drinks. Imagine working from the rooftop while overlooking the sunset that is falling behind skyscrapers. The coworking place has everything and it’s kind cheaper than others for a monthly membership. Of course you won’t get all inclusive membership for the price, but a single desk with the access to Skype rooms, reliable and ultrafast WiFi and refreshing drinks is actually everything you need for a focused work.

Check out their packages at their official website to learn more.


#5 Hatch


Thinking of spending your time on the biggest Thai island named Phuket? We have great news as the island is the home of very well equipped coworking space called Hatch. The island is a very diverse and can provide you with the local experience on the eastern side of the island and a very touristy experience on the western side.


Phuket is widely known by its vibrant nightlife on Bangla Road, stunning beaches where you can relax and recharge and popular temples located on the mountain tops. It’s a very nice island for motorbike exploration since you will stumble upon many things that will teach you about the Thai culture. Also, the food and night markets are huge things there, so be sure not to miss that experience.


Hatch is a coworking space located on the eastern side of the island. The space has an amazing and modern looking interior with ergonomic tables and seats, conference rooms, meeting rooms, reliable and fast WiFi and of course, amazing community of people who’re working there. The place can help you in renting a motorbike so you can easily reach touristic side of Phuket once in a while. The location of the coworking place is ideal since the western part is more expensive and the nightlife doesn’t stop which can be draining after some time!

Check out their full packages on their official website.


Have you tried to work in any of these coworking spaces? Could you share your coworking space gems in Thailand? Sharing is caring!

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