25 Travel Blog Ideas & 20 Inspirational Travel Bloggers | Part 1


Are you stuck or got a case of thought block, and can’t think of any travel blog ideas to write about? If so read on to discover some great topics you could use to create content for your blog.

We have also featured 20 INSPIRATIONAL Travel Bloggers to check out. Not forgetting our NEW Travel Bloggers group on Facebook you can join. 

This post is part 1 of a new series of articles from Digital Travel Guru focusing on Travel Blogging.

Get inspired by these 25 travel blog ideas and inspirational travel bloggers! Start you travel blog today!

Let’s Get Inspired With 25 Travel Blog Ideas!

#1 Mini City / Place Guide

Doing a mini guide to a place is a great idea as a blog post because the options are limitless as to what you can include.

Here are some suggestions to start you off: top 5 things in a range of categories in a particular city or place, top 5 sights, bars, restaurants, transport options, hostels, self-catering, accommodation, wi-fi spots, internet cafes, co-working spaces, shops, hotels, parks, museums, tours, selfie spots, the list is endless, also you don’t need to stick to 5. There are also other creative ways you could format this post any way you want.

World has so many teal water beaches to offer! :)

#2 Photo Blog Post / Photo Journal Post 

I’ve seen more and more of these recently; it requires as little or as much work as you want. How it works is, say you visit a place and have a stack of photos from there you could just do a post with all your photos in it and just write a few lines about each place under or next to the photo.

Some people theme their photo blog post on a particular place, for example, a temple, and write a short accompanying post. Others have even used this type of format to show their top, travel quotes, there are many options for this style of post you could implement to come up with something inspirational.

Some ideas are:

  • Photo Blog post on foods & Drinks
  • Beaches you love
  • Cities you have visited
  • Your top selfies
  • Marine life
  • Religious places
  • Travel Gadgets
  • Travel clothing and footwear
  • Camping gear

Again this list has no limit other than your imagination.

#3 Restaurant Reviews

Have you been to an interesting place to eat? Was it somewhere remote? Or even famous? Or did it just have the most mouth-watering food? How about writing a review for a place you have eaten in?

Many people look on the internet every day for restaurant recommendations, and the foodies love them. A great idea for a quick blog post, who knows it could go viral. Another format to record your experience is by Vlogging it.

Wander around and learn about different cultures and traditions.

#4 Free Things To Do 

Many places have free things you can find to do, I just came back from Bali and wrote a post on my Bali experience.

Free guides are also useful for everyone, so this topic always does well in getting traffic to your site.

You could categorise it if you choose to or keep it general.

Some ideas are:

  • Free things to do with kids in …
  • Free things to do in …
  • Free Museums …
  • Free WiFi spots in …
  • Free walking tours in …
  • Top free nature trails …
  • Top free art galleries…
  • Top Free festivals …

Temples are the ultimate expression of art.

#5 Travel Hacks

Have you got any good travel tips and hacks?, such as getting free stays at a place, using air miles, how to book cheap flights, where to get discounts from, airports layovers that offer free city tours, etc…. everyone loves travel hacks and tips and they are very well read by bloggers and travellers.

#6 Travel Apps

Another idea, and type of post I love reading about travel apps, there are so many on the market, and I love seeing blogs about them, so I can go and download it and try it out.

Everyone uses smartphones, and tablets these days, and writing such a post would be useful for travellers. You could even write a post on reviewing different apps.

Marina Bay in Singapore is simply amazing place to be!

#7 Hotel / Hostel / Home Stay or Another Type of Accommodation Review

Another one of my favourites, most people including my self-checkout reviews and photos of places before they book.

How about creating posts reviews various types of accommodation you have stayed in, and if you can do a video or some drone footage to accompany it even better.

Statues and temples talk so much about history of the place.

#8 Cost of Things (In a Certain Place or Country)

When planning trips, it is always helpful if you are on a budget or are spending a long period in a certain place or country, to know the cost of things such a transportation, food, drinks, tours, accommodation, activities, etc .. Writing or Vlogging, this type of information, is a useful resource.

Architecture of cities can be inspiring!

#9 Nightlife 

If you have been to a place or live in a place with a nightlife scene, write some posts on what there is to do, these posts make good reading for night owls and party animals, raver’s, clubbers and people looking for places to go at night.

Adding photos and videos are also good for this type of post. Focus on things like the description of the place, location, transport options to get there, food, drink, music played, performances and entrance costs.

#10 Walking Guide

Blog posts, videos and photos on places you can walk around are great for people wanting to explore areas on foot. You can attach the route from google maps.

It will be good to detail places to stop and have food/drinks on route and interesting places to see and things you can do on the route.

Endless rice fields.

#11 Cycling Guide

Many cities and places have bicycles you can rent to explore. A great idea for a blog post would be to show where in various places or a particular place you can rent bikes and any good bike routes people can do, adding the price of rentals and contact details of where you can rent from etc would give your post a bonus.

Basically with information type posts try to provide as much as you can, to assist the reader.

#12 Visa Requirements of a Certain Place

Visas and immigration rules are very important to know when travelling, a well-researched post and personal experience of obtaining a visa or how to fill out forms, and costs prove very useful content.

Stunning landscape.

#13 Volunteering Opportunities or Experiences 

Have you or some you know done volunteering or similar experience? If so why not interview them for your blog.

Interviews have proved very popular on my site where I have a featured bloggers section. (if you would like to be featured, please drop me an email on [email protected]

Check Out Some Featured Interview’s Here: Featured Bloggers 

Rock in the middle of the sea.

#14 Whats in Your Bag?

I find it always interesting to know what others carry with them, from blogging equipment like cameras, drones, travel accessories, etc … it is very useful to see, I have found some great things to buy to make travelling life easier by reading these types of post.

So a post or video on what you carry or what equipment you carry can be helpful for readers and fellow travellers.  

#15 Backpacking Tips

If you have been backpacking to places or you know any backpackers why not feature or write about it. Every year students taking a gap year and travellers go backpacking and rely on posts to guide and give them information.

Your content could include any aspects of backpacking from hostels and accommodations, to money-saving tips, cheapest destinations and many more.

Travel packing tips sounds like an attractive topic!

#16 Travelling With Children 

Many families are very interested in finding out about places prior booking, to see what there is to do with children and how child-friendly places are. That is another topic you could very creative with whilst focusing on travelling and children.

Things like, hotels or accommodations that offer free stays for children, activities to do with children and tours, theme parks, zoo’s, kids clubs, and restaurants, etc … If you don’t have children and don’t know about this you can easily research online and ask people who have children to help you out the post together, also maybe feature a family blogger or traveler on your site. 

Where to go next?

#17 Health & Travel 

Health and Travel literally cover hundreds of blogging and writing opportunities, below is a small list of ideas you can use. 

  • Travel health advise before visiting (…….) 
  • Yoga retreats to try 
  • What travel insurance to get 
  • Travel vaccinations before you visit (…..) 
  • Health Tourism 
  • How to avoid (sunburn / mosquito bites / dehydration /  tummy bugs) etc….
  • Boot camp holidays 
  • Detox holidays
  • Spiritual holidays
  • Food and drink precautions in certain destinations 

Staying active and healthy during your travels is crucial!

#18 Eco Travel + Responsible Tourism 

There have been so many developments in the field of eco-travel and responsible travel. It is an area, I am planning to write more about.

Some ideas are: 

  • Eco-lodges or places to stay 
  • What is eco-travel 
  • Best destinations for eco-travel 
  • What is responsible travel 
  • How can you be a responsible traveler 
  • Eco traveler activities 
  • Top eco blogs to follow 
  • Glamping
  • Camping 

Stunning temples that talk the history.

#19 Solo Traveling Tips

Are you a solo traveler or have you done solo travel before? Are there any people you know that solo travel? A lot of people solo travel or want to start solo traveling, and I’m sure any insights you can write about will be of great use. 

#20 Romantic Destinations

A great topic to research or write about first-hand experiences, these posts are very well read by couples looking for romantic destinations,  honeymooners and people wanting to have a wedding abroad. 

The types of posts can vary from top places to get married, secluded romantic destinations, cheap romantic destinations, most expensive romantic destinations, the cost of booking a romantic trip, romantic cities, romantic things to do in a certain place…. the list can go on forever

Explore stunning beaches around the coast.

#21 How to Manage ……. When Travelling 

The how to manage (………) when travelling is a fabulous post to write the content you can include is vast.

Some ideas are:

How to manage anxiety when travelling…

How to the manager with children when travelling…

How to manage your finances when travelling… 

How to manage your blog when travelling… 

How to manage your fears of travelling solo… 

How to manage your work schedule as a nomad…

Explore stunning waterfalls along the way.

#22 Top Off the Beaten Track Places

If you live in a place or have visited a place with different off the beaten track places to see and visit, document it in your blog.

Travellers and bloggers love exploring new off the tourist track places, so why not share your knowledge and experiences via your blog.

Paying respect to people who died.

#23 Beach Destinations 

Been to a place with great beaches or awful beaches it does not matter, blog it!! Share your experience with the world, that why people love reading travel blogs.. or you could even write a beach guide, on the place, complement it photos, videos, etc… 

Some ideas are: 

  • Beach that makes you want to …
  • Top Beaches to watch sunsets…
  • Beaches you will have to yourself in …
  • Great beaches for children …
  • Cleanest beaches in …
  • Top romantic beaches in …

Catching waves in the oceans around the world. 

#24 Worst Travel Experience / Trip Dramas / Holiday Nightmares

Have you or any friends/family or your readers had any awful travel nightmares? If so why not do some interviews for your sites or a blog covering this topic.

People like to know the good things about the trip but also the downsides as to what could go wrong. 

Fresh coconut is always amazing way to refresh yourself!

#25 Top Phrases / Words of a Certain Place

I always try to learn a few words or sentences of countries that I visit and check out a lot of posts online, that share such content. So have you been anywhere and learned some top phrases and words or maybe you speak other languages?

Why not add them to a blog article to help your readers when they visit different destinations, and if you have not been to a particular place you can still research this online and write about. There are many resources online to help you learn languages too. 

Free elephant in the jungle

Hope that list had helped you get some creative ideas going, you can also mix and match them up to come up with your topics. When writing try to think what type of articles, heading and topics have led to you clicking the read button on posts you have seen.

I normally bookmark all my favourite bloggers and articles I find to use as inspiration or for future reference when planning my travels.

Here are 20 Inspirational Travel Bloggers for you to Follow, Check Out & Subscribe To!

(In no particular order)  

Creative Travel Guide 

Taking you on a journey across the world, bringing you their fantastic travel adventures, through in-depth and informative blog posts. One of my favourite blogs that cover a wide range of travel topics and showcase stunning photography. Cannot wait to see their travel adventures once they move to Asia.  A great resource and guide for bloggers and travellers. Head over and subscribe to avoid missing out.

Meldrums On The Move 

Bringing you some amazing content and travel information from all over the globe, a must check out the blog.  A wonderfully put together and creative blog covering all aspects of travel. A must check out the site for bloggers and travellers.

Hippie In Heels 

I love reading Hippie In Heels, from fashion, to travel tips, destination blogs, reviews and beautiful photos, this blog has it all. Thank you Hippie in Heels for being a great blog inspiration.

We Wander Asia 

Hands down the best bloggers covering Asia, and one of the best travelling couples. You must check out this blog and their YOUTUBE channel, bringing you the best travel videos and content from Asia. Hugo and Noemie, are the traveling couple behind We Wander Asia.


If you love travel photography and travel videos, you must head over to TravelImagez blog site, they have been featured widely in the media and showcase some of the best time lapses and photography as well as travel videos you will see one the net. The captures are truly breathtaking.

Doc Gone Wild

(Taken from www.docgonewild.com)

“Life is a short and incredibly special gift which too many of us waste by making life choices that do not truly fulfill us. We are taught to accept that ‘life’ is something to fit into weekends and short evenings after work. If we work hard and long now, we can have a few years of ‘life’ after we retire – before expire.”

.Whether you are a straight-out-of-school drifter who wants tips on budget travel to help that trip last even longer; a seasoned adventure junkie who wants unique outdoor adventures in incredible locations; or a professional who is sick of the drudgery of the 9-to-5 and wants to discover ways to combine your unique skills with travel and discovery – DocGoneWild is for you.

As a doctor qualified in expedition and wilderness medicine, which feels truly alive only when exploring foreign lands – particularly the wild and remote expanses of the globe – They share with you their experiences and the things they have learned along the way.

Find Worlds Beauty

Find Worlds Beauty was founded by Jack Kay in 2017, this blog is the result of years of travelling around the world with the sole goal to experience all the beauty there is. The aim is to provide valuable and comprehensive guides on how to explore a particular location while sharing our core principles about travelling. A fantastic and beautifully created blog with lots of great information, a blog that every traveler/blogger should visit. Truly inspirational.

Escaping Life

Escaping Life is a photographer, an inspired traveler, an aspiring mountaineer, a positive thinker and a minimalist. Escaping Life was started to inspire everyone to go out explore and experience a little bit of the world around us. A great blog with some really amazing travel adventures.

Kosan Travel 

“Created by travellers for travellers” 

Kosan designs and curates the best clothing and gear needed to travel and explore the world. Launched in 2017, they can’t wait to be a part of your next adventure, wherever that may be!

They are deeply committed to making a positive difference in the communities they work with, and to share the stories of the wonderful people they work with. Their products are ethically and environmentally sourced.

Think Travel Lift Grow

Jeremy blogsat Think Travel Lift GrowOriginally born and raised in Goa, India to a middle-class Indian family where growing up he had life planned and laid out for him and the only choice he had was picking between becoming a doctor or an engineer! He dropped out of college in February 2016 and left Goa, India in April 2016 with less than 200$ to his name and began traveling the world full-time and have been on the road since! This is also another favourite blogs of mine that I follow if you are planning to explore the world, this blog brings you some great motivation and information and tips to do so.

African Berber Woman

African Beber Woman has a passion for, Adventures, Travel, Fashion, Music and the Ocean, which is clearly seen in the amazing photograph and fantastically written blog posts. This blog share’s all the moments oof life by opening a window to their dreams and colourful world.


Lyf&Spice is all about celebrating the 2 main flavours of lifetravel and food. Join the journey of a simple traveller and avid foodie. Lyf&Spice is a space where you will find simple, off-beat, fuss-free travel, with no frills attached, no make-up (well, almost) and no fancy outfits. In an attempt to keep it relatable and simple, Lyf&Spice documents travel stories as they happen. This blog showcases some interesting off the beaten track places delicious food. A blog every traveler should check out.


GlobeTrove, a lovely traveling couple that I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my posts. GlobeTrove is almost self-explanatory. Trove means ‘chest’ or ‘treasure chest’. Hence GlobeTrove is a treasure chest of our memories that we accumulate as we travel around the world. Pop over to their blog to see some incredible travel adventures.

The Wandering Darlings 

The Wandering Darling is an awesome blog that share’s pictures and stories to help inspire and help others to visit places, move countries, see more of the world and have the best experiences. It is a combination of travel ideas, stories, challenges of living abroad, pictures, it covers where they have been/going to, tips. I love the featured interviews too on the site as well as all the other amazing content and photos on it. Head over to it now and check it out.

Happy Nomad Couple 

Happy Nomad Couple made traveling their job, check out their blog to see how! The blog focuses on travel experiences, budgets, and how much they actually spend on those experiences. There are some great resources and travel information on this site which are a must read.

Wanderers Hub 

Wanderers Hub is a travel blog by Prerna & Harsh who are trying to make the most of the weekends and annual leaves to explore India and beyond. Their plan is to visit the less explored places, travel slow, get a taste of the local life, and tick big adventures off our bucket-list, which they showcase beautifully on their blog.

Travels Of Plushy 

Travels of Plushy shares experience’s of living and visiting France. The blog is also about traveling abroad to some stunning destinations, and the bloggers passion for arts. This a beautifully created blog which I love reading.


A beautiful blog covering food, travel and lifestyle, this blog takes you on a journey to some gorgeous places, as well as showing you some delicious food along the way. A must check out if you love food and travel.

The Wanderlusters UK

A travelling couple The Wanderlusters UK have a passion for travel/life and adventures, who left the UK behind to explore the world, join them on their journey by checking out, their blog, which will bring you lots of information about travelling, travel tips, first-hand experiences and reviews. Head over to their blog to see their journey.

Who Do I Do

Who Do I Do is a blog brought to you by Ian and Lana, a lovely and informative blog covering travel and food. So please take a moment, pull up a chair, relax and follow their adventures, tips and musings, for some fantastic posts about beautiful destinations, through their eyes. 

Travel Bloggers Club 

Digital Travel Guru & Creative Travel Guide – Have a great group on Facebook, especially for Travel Bloggers. If you want to network with fellow bloggers, increase engagement on your blogs or social sites, as well as having a place to interact with others, from around the world, send us a request via Facebook to join. The group is called, Travel Bloggers Club. Here’s the link  TRAVEL BLOGGERS CLUB or you can click the image below.

Have more travel blog ideas in your mind? We would appreciate if you could share it with us!

Sharing is loving! Let’s inspire people around the globe to start inspiring others!
Welcome to travel blogger club and get inspired!

25 travel blog ideas that will help you in determining your niche.

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