15 Off The Beaten Track Places To Visit Around The World


Whilst searching the globe, for new and lesser visited places, we came across these 15 places off the beaten track.  So if  you are done with the most common places around the world, consider these 15 places for an altogether new experience.


This archipelago is located in Oceania, in the South Pacific Ocean towards New Zealand. Make friends with humpback whales as they come in the shallow waters to give birth to their calves and swim side by side humans. Head to Lifuka Island Airport and take a boat to Tonga.

Christmas Island, Australia

Island inhabitants include 50 million red crabs who migrate annually. There are other rare species of birds, crabs and dolphins and sharks that feel at home in this 80 km. Coastline. There are natural beaches and caves by the coast and very friendly people. To get to Christmas Island you need to fly from Perth or Jakarta.

Syros, Greece

This place is a perfect definition of a Greek island holiday. Photogenic sunsets, amazing food, serene beaches, this place has a lot to offer. The people are friendly and it is also not as crowded as the other destinations of Greece. To reach you can take a cab from Athens International Airport.


Apart from being a very popular trade place for people from all over the world for refined petroleum and fine cotton, it has various sports to offer like Eagle hunting and trekking. They offer ultimate cuisines and warm and friendly people. Take a flight to Manas International Airport to reach here.


This place offers a stunning as well as an adventurous experience. If you are taking a road trip along the country get ready for a jaw-dropping experience. Though it is not a very luxurious destination what will steal your heart is the warmth of the local rural people.

Olomouc, Czech Republic

A tiny and humble town in the heart of the Czech Republic in Olomouc. Stone path alleys, ornate churches and castle, and fountains make it all the more a classic experience. One of the heritage sites here is the Holy Trinity Column, the Communist Astronomical Clock and the Bouzov Castle. This is nothing but a sneak peak to Rapunzel’s world.

Sheki, Azerbaijan

300 km from the Town of Azerbaijan is Sheki. This place is a hidden gem, therefore, it does not attracts much visitors. They have magnificent buildings with detailed stained glass windows. The awesomeness of the place is much because of the summer and the winter palaces which are a masterpiece of architecture.

Zhangye, Gansu province, China

This place is contrary to crowded China. It is the home to many Buddhists with grottoes and temples that stand tall on mountains. Though they are not perfectly carved mountains visually they are stunning. You can take a train from China to Zhangye.


Brunei is a perfect getaway for the offbeat choosers. Rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing buildings, lush green rainforests, beautiful Mosques are some attractions you can boast of. To get to Brunei you have to take a boat to Muara from Pulau Labuan, Malaysia.

Kachh, Gujarat, India

Situated in the West most part of India Kachh is one of the main tourist attractions that India has got to offer. If you are a vegetarian food lover then this place is bliss for you. Beautiful and fine handicraft works, nomadic communities and tribal dance are some of the other things that might catch your attention.

Abaco, Bahamas

It is a chain of islands or family islands. The peacefulness of this place is because of the welcoming people, deserted beaches, fishing and snorkeling, and gorgeous views. You will have to fly to Marsh Harbour Airports to get to this breathtaking place.

Nunavut, Arctic Canada

To quench your thirst for an adventure travel, Nunavut is the best place. You might have to change two to three flights to get there but it will all be part of the fun. It is a place of icebergs and you cannot imagine the fun of being on one of them.

Kinabatangan, Borneo

Very few people know about this place. An island in South East Asia enriched in biodiversity and is an overwhelming beauty. You have to fly from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Borneo.


Well, the place, in reality, gives an altogether different experience than shown in the news. It is rich in historic diversity with heritage buildings. The food is authentic and the people are super friendly. It can be a little difficult to obtain a visa but should be a must in your list.


Located in South America, this place is a perfect blend of the colourful culture and jaw-dropping landscapes. This place is also famous for beer and wine.

So, if you want to plan a journey worth remembering and flaunt about it in your circle as if you are the icebreaker to the most uncommon destinations you can consider any one of them. What are some of your best off the beaten track places you have visited – leave a comment below please. 

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    These all sound great! Some of them were already on my list and the others now also! Thank you for this list!

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    Sippin Gypsy

    I so appreciate when experienced travelers can offer truly unique suggestions for places to visit and why! This was a wonderful list to add to bucket list locations!

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    I have to say Bolivia was one of my favorite destinations ever. I went solo years ago and have always talked about going back. Now Tonga looks like paradise for sure.

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    Nina Out and About

    I’m dying to go to Nunavut. It’s so hard to get to, even when you live in Canada, that most people don’t make the journey.

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    Some of these look fantastic. We love to find off the beaten path activities when we travel- it would be awesome to just go to an entirely off the beaten path destination for a trip!!

  • Avatar
    Alex Trembath

    I have been to 2 of these… Brunei and Bolivia. Brunei is definitely a great off-the-beaten-track destination – so quiet, very few tourists and lots of interesting sites to explore. We would LOVE to visit Tonga… looks incredible.

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