15 Artistic Experiences to Try When You Visit Bali


“Bali – Known as the Island of the Gods and the land of 20,000 temples.”

Bali Island

Bali island is widely known by its artistic vibeIndonesia and especially Bali is known across the world for its beautiful vibrant arts, incredible architecture, stunning landscapes, rich history and fascinating culture.

As you walk around Bali you will find it really difficult not to notice the beautiful arts all around you, from sculptures on the street, to pavements that are designed with beautiful patterns, the beautiful entrances to people’s homes, the carved wooden ornaments, the daily offerings that the Balinese women make, the art and craft shops, the tattoo shops, galleries, evening dance shows, the street arts and so much more.

Art exists in Bali in the traditional forms as well as modern. The island is also well known for famous pieces of artwork being produced by local artists and artist who moved to Bali from abroad.

I personally love the way the Balinese people incorporate art into various aspects of their daily life and that most places you visit around Bali you will see art in one shape or form. The island has hundreds of art galleries and museums you can visit.

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Most Balinese artists and craftsmen have inherited their skills and artistic talents from their family which has been handed down from generation to generation.

The times I have visited Bali I have been intrigued by it arts all around the island, and as an art lover, I was excited to try some of the experiences. I was also keen to learn more about the Balinese culture and history through these artistic activities.

These activities will allow you to gain an understanding of Balinese history, culture, religion, spirituality, customs, and traditions as well as learn some fantastic creative skills. You can find out where classes are by asking around the area you are staying in and by checking online to find your nearest class.

There is probably no a better place to learn the art then in BaliArt Experiences Around Bali

#1 Mask Carving & Painting

Try this 3-hour mask carving class in Ubud Bali, during this class the expert carver will teach you how to carve your own mask and paint it. The class is available for all skill levels.

Prices from £30 

Mask carving and painting is a very awesome experience

#2 Wood Carving

One of the world’s oldest known art forms, wood carving is a way of shaping wood into a variety of different shapes and forms. Using the traditional tools and techniques of the master carver helps guide the novice carver towards their goal of creating a unique wood art piece in just a few short hours.

You will be given a choice of what you want to carve and will be taught how to use the tools. In most cases, you can choose between carving an egg, mask, animal or similar.

Prices from £20

Learn to carve a wood and create amazing art

#3 Stone Carving

A master carver will introduce you to the age-old craft of carving in stone. This workshop is more suitable for adults, this introduction to the delicate task of working a figure from within a piece of stone.

Normally due to the amount of time stone carvings take you will make a small piece such as a flower or similar.

Prices from £15-20

Stone carving is very popular around Bali#4 Fruit Carving

A fun class where the student learns a variety of techniques for forming fruit and vegetables into wonderful motifs like flowers and butterflies.

Prices from £15 

Food carving? Well, Bali can teach you that skill too#5 Batik

Spend the day learning to do batik prints and designs and take your creation home with you. You will see batik designs and prints on many items throughout Bali such as sarongs, and clothing.

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This class will provide you with a fascinating introduction to Balinese Batik techniques, tools and dyes.

Prices from £25-30 for the day

Batik can provide you with an unique and amazing clothing#6 Traditional Painting

Traditional Balinese painting involves painting themes such as island landscapes, fruit and animal still-life and pastoral or spiritual-themed subjects. The student will be guided to create a small canvas with one of these themes.

Learn classical Balinese court painting, traditional Balinese art or contemporary Balinese art styles at ARMA Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum.

Prices from £25 for 3 hours 

Learn traditional painting while in Bali#7 Bamboo Weaving

Bamboo has been used by the Balinese for centuries as packaging for the daily offerings that are the heart of Balinese Hinduism.

Spend the morning learning some of the unique weaving techniques that the Balinese have created over the years to make their daily offerings. Very easy to do and a fun activity.

Prices from £15

Bamboo weaving is an amazing skill to have#8 Lontar Art

Learn the ancient technique of drawing on the lontar leaf. You will learn to inscribe illustrations on lontar leaf with an iron stylus known as pangrupak. Once the illustrations have been completed the incisions are blackened by smearing a paste made from a mixture of pulverized, burnt candlenut and coconut oil onto the surface of the leaves.

When the excess is wiped off, the blackened incisions stand out sharply against the colour of the leaf.

Prices from £20 

There are many lontar art classes around the island#9 Balinese Dancing

Nearly every visitor to Bali takes the opportunity to watch one or more of the many, Balinese dances that are performed nearly every evening on the island. Dance and music have thrived in Bali for centuries.

Learn some Balinese steps and dance routines in these classes, whilst having the opportunity to wear traditional Balinese costumes and makeup.

Prices from £20

Balinese dancing is such an unique and artistic way to express the culture and tradition

#10 Canang Offering

For hundreds of years, Balinese families have passed down the ritual of daily offerings, called canang, from mother to daughter. Each day, the women create these small, hand-woven coconut-leaf baskets. The baskets contain the flower, fruit, rice and food offerings for the Hindu Deities that the women pray to each day.

You will see the Balinese women several times a day across Bali making these offerings. This a fun and very simple activity to try and is lots of fun.

Prices from £10

Canang offering is the art itself#11 Balinese Music

From bamboo flutes to gamelans and gongs, Balinese instruments are complicated to master but simple enough to be rewarding for the beginner. ARMA, Pondok Pekak and Puri Lukisan offer short introductory courses in a range of instruments.

Prices from £15

Learn to play a Balinese music#12 Beadwork

If you love beadwork, this is the perfect course for you to make belts, bracelets, home decor items, and jewelry. Beadwork is a rewarding way to spend the day. There are many places that offer this around Ubud and Bail.

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A fantastic way to spend the making your own beadwork jewelry and other items to wear or take home with you.

Prices start from £20

Learn a skill called beadwork and create amazing artwork that you can carry around your neck or wrist

#13 Kites, Puppets

Puri Lukisan also offers courses in traditional Balinese crafts.

Create a kite butterfly to take home, craft a traditional shadow puppet out of leather, or paint your own mask based on those used in traditional Balinese dance.

Prices from £20 

Learn to make Balinese puppets

#14 Silversmithing

The area around Ubud is the center for silver-craft. Sketch out your own design, then cut, beat, shape, solder and polish silver into the style of your choice.

A fantastic class to try and leave with your own custom piece of jewelry.

Prices from £25

Silversmithing is just an amazing skill to have

#15 Ceramic Making Course

To get a taste of a day in the life of a Balinese craftsman, try the half-day course in the ceramic making, where students will be taught the techniques of hand building and wheel throwing, using clay, glazing and firing are all things you will learn to do as well as painting your finished items.

Prices from £20-£30

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of these experiences. you can try, which one interests you? Have you tried any of these? If so let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear about it.

Artistic experiences in Bali

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    Yesh Sewdayal

    So much to do – I’m one of those people who’ll want to try everything artsy! Bali seems like a definite treat for this! Great post Eliza!

  • Avatar

    I have to plan soon now especially being a art lover it’s interesting to learn how the things are done, I love those masks. 🙂

  • Avatar

    I love the idea of doing a fruit carving class, I’ve never even thought of it before! Everything else I think I’d leave to the professionals because I’d want it to actually turn out good ;-P I’ve had clients do general cooking classes in Bali too which they loved!

  • Avatar

    All those carving classes makes me so excited to visit one day!! So beautiful <3

  • Avatar
    Ariana Soleil

    I love this! So many ideas for things to try in Bali. Fruit carving seems cool but I’m not sure I would want to eat my art after all that hardwork. Great Post!

  • Avatar

    This is really cool. I love the idea of taking a course, like the mask carving class. I would love to try that!

  • Avatar
    Vanessa Ball

    There really is so much arty stuff to do and see in Bai, I really love all the carvings on various materials. And how can I not love the batik? Awesome post!

  • Avatar

    I visited Bali a few years back and I missed taking pictures of the artwork there. Now when I am looking at these pictures its an instant reminder of what all I saw and loved. I can’t wait to show this post to my mom whom I shared the stories about how culturally rich Bali is. Love that you have shared a picture of every possible art form. Loved all the pictures.

  • Avatar

    Bali the island of Gods, truly so. I myself have experienced the spiritual aura of Bali. Great post with wonderful pics.

  • Avatar

    Wow it’s so incredible to see how Indonesian culture ressembles Philippines, I love the fact that we are neighbours at the same time sharing the same culture and traditions. I got a bunch of batik clothes at home, love it

  • Avatar

    I would love to take the carving classes. The batik printing is so amazing. I bought some of the clothes from there on my last visit. Learning this art would be so amazing.

  • Avatar

    Ok, you just made me feel a little sad as I read this haha, as you know I used to live In bali, and especially now being in dreary grey England, I miss the color and vibrancy of Bali. Those masks and carvings are everywhere and I even though I lived there every time I saw one I would have to stop and take a picture or just smile at them. Damm I need to go back!!

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    Charity Valenzuela Marces

    The Lontar art is quite interesting!!

  • Avatar
    David - Travel Bugs

    Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! My wife is an artist and is very much in love with Bali, she’ll love these pics and the activities behind them. 🙂

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