12 Top Tips For Your Trip To Cuba



Cuba is an exciting travel destination, but it does require some planning  and research before you go. Cuba is located approx 105 miles from the United States and one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. Cuba is a fascinating island to explore, rich in history and culture as-well as a paradise island for beach lovers. We have put together 12 Top Tips For Your  Next Trip To Cuba.

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Tip #1: Do your research

We have researched a few Tips for you here ….

Some of best restaurants in Cuba are paladares, which are owned and run by individuals rather than the state. If you want to get to know Cuba you’re going to need to get to know Cubans and eating in a traditional paladares is the perfect opportunity to do this as-well as feasting on delicious food. 

12 Top Tips For Your Trip To Cuba


As far as the internet goes, Cuba is among the most poorly connected countries in the world, Internet in Cuba usually has poor connection speeds and no mobile broadband other than wifi. The best internet is available usually at hotels. Due to this rather than trying to get online we recommend you bring a Guidebook and a map with you so you can access information easily whilst in Cuba.

Buying bottled water when in Cuba, is the safest way to stay hydrated, do not drink local tap water.

To make local calls buy a  Tarjeta Propia which  is a phone card you can buy at ETECSA to make local phone calls in Cuba from any public phone – found all around the city in all cities.

If you’re interested in music, arts, and events, LaHabana.com lists all current events in the city. The site is also full of current news and tips. The Cuba Travel Services app has an extensive list of sights all over Cuba and can even be used offline.

Take insect repellant with you as Cuba does have a mosquito problems and don’t forget to take sun screen with you to protect you from the Cuban sun.



12 Top Tips For Your Trip To Cuba

Tip #3: Learn A few Words In Spanish

Earning to few words in Spanish life easier to communicate in Cuba and locals will love the  effort you have taken to communicate in Spanish.

Tip #4: Book Accommodation In Advance

Given the poor  internet in Cuba most hotels and casas particulares don’t have internet, nor a website, the majority of bookings are done in person or by phoning whilst in Cuba. So try and book as much of you accommodation before  you leave. 


Tip #5: Do A Walking Photography Tour

Havana is big, but if you have a few days there, you can save lots of money on transportation by walking it and seeing things at a slower pace as well as getting some amazing shots. 


12 Top Tips For Your Trip To Cuba

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Tip #6: Take Cash With You

Take cash with you –As a lot of places do not accept card payments, it is useful to have cash to hand for buying food / drinks etc … 

Take Euros or GBP Sterling – these get the best exchange rate.

Don’t take American dollars – the exchange rate will be terrible plus you have to pay an extra fee every time.

Cuba has two currencies:

CUC (Cuban convertible peso or ‘Cuban dollar’) aligned to USD which tourists must use, and CUP (Cuban national peso) worth around 1 CUC = 22 CUP.

Non­ Cubans shouldn’t have any CUPs on them – though people do.


12 Top Tips For Your Trip To CubaTip #7: Don’t Forget Tell your bank you’re going to Cuba

Remember to inform your bank you are going abroad, this is especially important for Cuba, where the internet is poor and international calls can be expensive. 

Tip #8: Travel Insurance for Cuba

You need to have TRAVEL INSURANCE to travel to Cuba. They do spot checks at Customs and if you can’t produce policy documentation, they make you buy insurance there.

Tip #9: Book Your Tours 

Before leaving your country try and book some tours and activities prior to arriving in Cuba. Trying to book tours and things to do online is difficult and can be costly, again due to the poor internet service there.


12 Top Tips For Your Trip To CubaTip #10 Getting your Cuba Visa

Most nationalities require a visa for Cuba called a “Cuba Tourist Card” to enter – here’s a site with a list of countries requiring visas.

Tip #11 Galileo Offline Maps

Galileo Offline Maps allows you to use your phone’s GPS to show where in the world you are. You can even set Galileo to record your movements so you can see where you went! You can also upload maps from elsewhere into Galileo You need to download maps onto the app first before you get to Cuba and go offline.

12 Top Tips For Your Trip To CubaTip #12 Best Time Of The Year To Visit Cuba

As with any destination, there are good and better times of year to visit Cuba. Between mid­ November and March is the cooler dry season – this is usually a busier time of year due to the lower temperatures and humidity level.

Bonus Tip #12 Enjoy 

Remember to enjoy your self, try out new experiences, visit beautiful Havana and absorb your self in it’s rich heritage and culture, don’t forget your camera, as Cuba is a stunning location to get some fabulous photos. Once you finish to Havana, head of to one of the many beaches to enjoy some rest and relaxation.


If you have been to Cuba – what are some of the TOP TIPS you have?  Please post them in the comments below.

12 Top Tips For Your Trip To Cuba

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12 Top Tips For Your Trip To Cuba


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    These are great tips! We always wanted to go to Cuba so we’ll keep this post on our minds! Love your work and the colorful vibes of your blog 😀
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    I always love the classic cars you see in Cuba… it looks like an interesting country to visit! Thanks for the great tips, I’ll have to get practicing my spanish! ?

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    On my list!

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    Cuba has been on my list since forever! Your photos have not helped this Cuba shaped wanderlust in my heart! haha The Galiliao app sounds interesting – I’m definitely going to look into that

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