100 Unique Top Travel Tips


Travelling is much needed in today’s fast-paced lives. We can learn more about ourselves when we travel. Travelling rejuvenates one’s mind and it is a break work from one’s mundane life. Travelling has a lot of advantages. It helps to connect with people from all corners of the world, learn about lifestyles and cultures, learn new languages etc.  Travelling is not just all about fun and adventure, it is also about self-discovery. 

Before you pack your bags to visit some far distant or  exotic place, you will need to know some travel tips. We have put together 100 Unique Top Travel Tips for your journey around the globe.

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100 Unique Top Travel Tips


Pre-Trip Planning TIPS

Whilst planning and preparing for your TRIP check out some of these tips.

  1. Make sure your passport validity has not expired. Some Countries demand at least 6 months of validity time left in your passport, so do check the requirements prior to booking your trip. 
  2. Check if the country you are visiting expects the traveler to hold a visa. Check this before booking your flight. Some visa’s take a while to process some you can get online and some on arrival.
  3. Look out for the best airplane fares on websites that compare the airplane fares. Don’t just check for the cheaper fares but also check for the facilities the airlines have to offer and the quality of the service. Always book beforehand to save money. That being said, at time you can pick up great last minute air fares too, depending on the time of year and where you are heading to. 
  4. Check if your mobile phone will work or not in the country you are planning to visit.  You can find this out by googling your destination and checking with your service provider. Roaming charges can be expensive, research getting a local sim and find out if your phone will be able to use one. 
  5. Always have photocopies of your passport, driving license and other identity proofs in your handbag. You don’t have to produce your original passports at all places except for main zones like airport checks, currency exchange centre and usually when checking into accommodation. You can also leave a copy with friends or family to send to you. 
  6. Exchange your currencies at a local trustworthy currency exchange center or exchange your home currency at the national bank of the country you are visiting. 
  7. Read some travel blogs and do some research before you plan your travel. This helps not only in getting an idea about the places to visit but also the intricacies involved in the destinations you plan to visit. 
  8. It is suggested to leave your complete itinerary with your close friends or your neighbor or a family member. It should include the details like the name of the hotel, the flight timings, daily agenda etc inn case of any emergencies. 
  9. Always make sure to cover your entire trip with travel insurance. 
  10. Check if your credit and bank  cards are not blocked. Inform your bank before you travel. 
  11. Carry both home currency as well as the foreign currency. Never keep all your currency in the same place. Keep few in your handbag, few in other luggage. If in case, any of the luggage goes missing, you are not pushed to the state of having lost all the money. 
  12. Book tickets using the accounts of regular airplane flyers to avail attractive discounts on your fare. 
  13. Don’t stock your bag with too many toiletries. Every hotel you stay provides you with the basic toiletries. This only ends up occupying a large chunk of space. Most of the time you can buy essentials once you reach your destination. 
  14. If carry liquids in hand luggage check for the requirements by your airline and quantity your allowed. 
  15. Scan your passport and other ID proofs and save them in your mobile phones. In case, the photocopies get damaged, you can use these digitized proofs. 
  16. Make sure to carry a great camera as they capture the memories that last a lifetime. Have an extra pair of batteries for your camera and memory cards. 
  17. When you are packing, make sure you don’t start at the eleventh hour. There are many chances of leaving out important stuff. Start Packing minimum two days before you leave. 
  18. Make a to-do like a list. Make a list of the things to be packed. Carry this list wherever you go as suddenly some ideas/thoughts arise and you might forget it if you had not taken a note of it. 
  19. Make sure to get a global plan if you use a prepaid SIM card.  
  20. Don’t over pack as well as don’t under a pack. You should have the right number of clothes. A pair of clothes for a day is more than enough. Pack clothes according to the climate of the place you are visiting. 
  21. Never place your valuables in your checked-in luggage. Carry those in your handbag. If in case you happen to lose your luggage, you can manage with essential items in your hand baggage. 
  22. Check the tourism website of the country you are visiting; the site specifies the safety instructions and also the current situation prevailing in the place. 
  23. Don’t forget key essentials such as, sunscreen, moisturiser, deodorants, perfumes; a pair of sunglasses are the must-haves in your make up accessories kit. 
  24. Have an extra pair of good shoes. Wear shoes you are comfortable with at the same time pack an extra pair. Keep this beneath the clothes in your luggage covered in a carry bag. And spread a large sheet over them and start placing your clothes one over another. Packing cubes are a great item to buy and use to save packing space and to keep your things organised. 
  25. Always carry few plastic bags in your handbag. This helps you to keep the things you shop at the tourist locations and also to place your wet clothes. 
  26. Spray your favourite fabric spray on your luggage and keep the used clothes covered in plastic bags inside your luggage. If you don’t cover your used clothes, then the new clothes would lose its freshness. 
  27. Carry a travel hair dryer in your handbag. Great for places that don’t supply one. 
  28. Never carry liquids in your baggage, it might get spilled and spoil your clothes. Always carry an extra pair of clothes and inner ware in your handbag. If you do ensure liquids are sealed and in a sealed bag. Always carry a first aid kit in your handbag. In case, it might be also useful to your fellow travellers or yourself. 
  29. Make a mark in your luggage. It can either be the initial of your name or any symbol which you could easily find. This helps you locate your luggage quick when there are too many luggage that looks similar. Luggage steps can be used too that are distinctive. 
  30. Carry the phone charger in your luggage. Also, carry a power bank in your handbag for quick charging and for charging at places where you do not find a power slot. Remember to charge your mobile phones at the hotel itself and keep the battery full. 
  31. While at the airport, you can check-in using the online check-in to save a lot of time which is otherwise spent by waiting at the queues, plus you can choose suitable seats on the plane. 
  32. Another tip is to take photos of your luggage incase it get’s lost. 
  33. Women can carry a shawl or a pashmina in their bag. This not only helps to protect one from the severe sun but also acts as a great fashion accessory and to cover up when maybe visiting places of worship in some countries. 
  34. Check the baggage allowance of your airlines and hand luggage bag size. 
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100 Unique Top Travel Tips


Hotel & Accommodation Planning TIPS

These are some of the tips you need to consider when booking accommodation. 

    1. Look out for the reviews of the hotel you are planning to stay at. You can also book rooms using the hotel room booking website to make a comparison of the prices of rooms. 
    2. Check the proximity of the hotel from the airport and other places you want to visit. You should not waste much time in travelling to and from the hotel. 
    3. Never get carried over by the photos of the hotel rooms on the website of the hotel. Try to get real-time reviews by word of mouth or by reading customer reviews of the hotel. 
    4. Look out for the neighborhood of the hotel especially while you are traveling all alone. Safety comes first. 
    5. Though you book your hotel room online, make a call once to check if the reservation is confirmed. Also, carry the printout of your reservation. 
    6. Check for the tax rates before you book the room. Most of the hotels just reveal the tariff that is exclusive of the facilities they provide and taxes. You should not get shocked on seeing the enormous amount of bill. To prevent such situations, check the entire amount before making a reservation. 
    7. Compare the prices mentioned on the website of the hotel and the prices mentioned in the hotel room booking sites. Go for which has a lesser rate. 
    8. Make sure to provide the right directions to the taxi driver while you go to the hotel from the airport. 
    9. If you are planning to book a hotel room in person, they never agree to the price quoted in the first instance. You can keep bargaining and ask for a lesser price. 
    10. Never book the hotel rooms on public holidays or on the weekends. The companies are very aware of the fact that people think of going for a vacation annd tend to hike up the prices. 
    11. If you are going to stay for a longer time, then opting for self-catering is cost effective. This provides you with a lot of privacy and you can save money.
    12. If you are a solo traveler, then stay at hostels. It is safe and helps you save a lot of money, and meet fellow travelers. 
    13. If the hotel has a laundry, then better get the laundry done at the hotel. 
    14. Sometimes just booking the first few days of accommodation is a good idea, incase it does not meet your expectations, you can find another. 
    15. Empty the mini bar and fill it with your own items, it will usually save you a bit of cash. Read our post on budgeting tips.  
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Transport TIPS

If you have already booked a package, then you need not worry about the transport as the transport comes under the purview of the tourist company. These travel tips can be considered by those who decided not to opt for packages. 

  1. Try to use the Public Transport options, sometimes in countries it is cheaper to get overnight night trains or coaches if travelling long distances it can be cheaper than flights, plus you get to see other parts of the country as you travel through. 
  2. If you are going to travel by train for long hours, then it is suggested to get a travel card, many countries do discounted travel – so check online before you go.  
  3. When you are travelling by train, never get into the coaches that are fully empty, especially if solo travelling, for safety reasons, try and get into the coaches that have a few people in them. We have written a post on 50 tips for solo travel
  4. Never leave your hand baggage near the window while you are traveling in a bus. There are many chances of the bag getting stolen, be aware of distraction theft, this is a situation where people working in groups or pairs, create a situation to distract you while others may take your belongings. 
  5. Try to have some change while you use the Public Transport. Your purse should contain several denominations of the same currency. 
  6. There are people who love to hire cars and drive around the place. This can be a great way to see the place in your own leisure, check for driving license requirements, and book with a reputable company and make sure it includes insurance and you know who to contact incase it breaks down or if there is an accident. 

Eating TIPS 

You need not worry about a bad stomach if you eat at the right places. These are some of the eating tips to be considered. 

  1. When you visit a new country, do not stick on to your own style of eating. Rather try to explore the local cuisine. Do be aware of food hygiene and use good judgement when trying out street food and when selecting a place to eat at. 
  2. Look out for food rating and restaurant rating applications to know which restaurants serve great food. 
  3. Do not only eat in tourist hotspots as they charge a lot of money. Eating at an authentic local restaurant itself helps you save a lot. 
  4. In the pursuit of trying the local food, do not load yourself with a lot of carbohydrates that you even feel lazy or tired to walk around during the day. Eat healthy every now and then in the due course of your trip. Ensure you also keep well hydrated. 
  5. Be sensible when drinking alcohol and know your limits. 

Health TIPS 

Health is one of the main aspects to be taken care of to enjoy the trip to the fullest. 

  1. Go for a full checkup before you leave for a trip. Check if you have got any health complications before the trip. 
  2. Always stock your medicines. Carry some extra medicines too. If in case, the medicines which you are looking for night not be found in certain places, these extra medicines come handy. 
  3. Carry a hand sanitizer in your handbag. Use a hand sanitiser during the travel where you won’t be able to find many hands washes basins. 
  4. Ensure you check what vaccinations you will need  well in advance  prior to travel. 
  5. Carry a bottled water in your hand luggage. It is not safe to drink outside water on a trip. One should always stay hydrated during the trip. 
  6. Carry ointments like mosquito repellant in your handbags to protect yourself from mosquito bites and bugs. 

100 Unique Top Travel TipsDestination TIPS 

  1. Check the visiting hours of places you want to visit before going. Many places open and close at different countries, so avoid wasting time travelling to places without checking first. 
  2. If you are in a large place like a museum or an ancient site, sometimes using a guide is useful. 
  3. If you are shopping some exquisite things and do not have much space to fit them all, then you can ask the shopkeeper to ship it to you. 
  4. Don’t plan too much. Most of the times, you cannot visit all the places as per plan. So, don’t feel bad about it. Build in time to explore places along your travels. 
  5. Never have a lot of cash and coins left with you at the end of the trip. Most of them are not valid in your home country. Try to use up those currencies or exchange them before leaving. 
  6. Always stay hydrated on the flight. Especially during long flight hours, people can easily feel dehydrated. 
  7. Finish your packing if you have an early morning flight. Try to get a good night’s sleep before you board the plane. 
  8. Try not to consume too much of alcohol over the plane as it makes recovering from jet lag longer and also will dehydrate you. Check out our ultimate guide to surviving jetlag.
  9. Bargaining is done in most countries. So, try your best to bargain to get the cheapest rate possible. 
  10. While you are leaving the place, make sure you leave behind all the worn-out shoes and other things you don’t need. 
  11. Reach the airport two to three hours prior to the flight. This could help avoid the last-minute stressors before boarding the flight and unnecessary rushing. 
  12. Be an early bird. While you are travelling make sure to start early to enjoy the place without getting caught in the crowds. 
  13. Always book for a holiday in the offseason when the ticket fares, hotel room prices are too less and the climate is mild. 
  14. Write down the happenings of your trip in a journal. This would preserve all those precious memories. 
  15. Never put any valuables in your back pocket as there are too many chances of it getting stolen. 
  16. Never act like a traditional tourist. The best way to enjoy the real essence of the place is by mingling with the local culture and being a part of it. 
  17. While you are on your trip, ensure you can sleep well, so you enjoy your trip fully without feeling drained and exhausted. 
  18. If you really want to know more about the place, then you should make it a point to try and speak to locals , you can usually find some amazing places to see and visit this way.  
  19. When you wish to click images of those whom you don’t know, politely ask for their permission. 
  20. Make it a point to call your friends back in your place and have some quality time with them during the trip. 
  21. Fill your music player with some of your favorite songs. There cannot be any better pleasure than listening to splendid music while you get lost in the beauty of the new place you visit. 
  22. Don’t be afraid to take risks; don’t keep travelling to the places in countries that are frequented by the people in large numbers, go to places that are undiscovered to soak yourself in the beauty of the place. 
  23. Be very polite and answer calm to those who approach you. 
  24. Learn a few key phrases and words in the language of the place you are visiting. 
  25. Learn a bit of history of the place before you actually get to the place. This helps you to explore the place even better. 
  26. Never forget to carry earplugs during your trip. These earplugs act as great sleep inducers. 
  27. To get some of the best deals for an airplane ticket, try to book using Incognito mode. 
  28. You can usually pick up free maps and leaflets for tours and similar things at airports, so look out for them. 

100 Unique Top Travel Tips

What should you do after getting back home? 

  1. Try to get some  sleep. Especially after the jet lag, your body will be in dire need of rest and sleep. 
  2. It takes a week to adjust to your usual routine and it is absolutely fine, try to have detox drinks that help you flush the toxins after a long trip. If your suffering from holiday blues, think about your next trip and start planing it, even if you not sure when you will be able to go, this is a good distraction method. 
  3. Unpack your suitcase.
  4. Save the receipts from the trip and compare it with the bank transaction statements to see if the receipts are balanced. 
  5. Clear the memory of your phone and camera by transferring all the files to your computer or any secondary storage device. 
  6. Last but not the least; keep the visiting cards and business cards of those whom you met at the trip safe. You can contact these people once in a while and build relationships that last. 100 Unique Top Travel Tips

The list has been divided on the basis of every stage of your travel, right from the pre-packing times to the moment you step down in your hometown. Any journey can be made worthy if you make sure to travel right.  These tips are from the experiences of avid travelers who once made huge mistakes during their initial phase of travel. They have learned from their mistakes and made it a point to not repeat them. You need not travel many times to make mistakes and learn from them, you can learn from others mistakes too and make your trip an enjoyable one, free from all hassles. 

Have you got any great travel tips to share with us and our readers> If so drop them inn the comment section below, we would love to hear them. 



















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    Trần Quốc Hưng

    Those are great advice for my family because my parents are adventurous couples who always want to travel around the world, especially European countries! Thank you so much for great content

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    Some nice travel tips in this article. Travel Happy!

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    Alexander Popkov

    That is a fantastic big list! I think every traveler, even a very experienced can find something new here!

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    Great list! I was thinking of putting together such list recently but now it seems that all my favorite hacks are already mentioned!

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    Natalie Allen

    I agree with you about trying to eat healthy, but that can get so hard in some places! When we were in Namibia it was almost impossible to find fresh vegetables and meat was plentiful and cheap (lots of desert). I love tip #97: unpack your suitcase. Ha! I find that’s sometimes the hardest one to do…

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    Awesome read. I barely check alot of these when I travel but they are ways to ensure a safe and happy holiday for sure. Thank you for sharing!

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    This is a thorough and informative list which I can only hope that I will remember the next time I travel. I am glad you included being polite, I think people sometimes forget this when they travel, politeness is a universal language… and it has got me out of many a tricky spot in my 20 plus years of travelling 🙂

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    Backpacking Series

    WOW! Its is an exhaustive list and really thought through! Clearly brings out the experienced traveller’s perspective! Number 56 and 70 stood out for me. Flexibility, Exploration and Openness really help to have amazing journeys

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    Backpacking Series

    Wow! Really exhaustive and thought through. Clearly brings out an experienced traveller perspective. Number 56 and 70 stood out for me while all are very very important ones. Exploration and being flexible and open really give us amazing journeys 🙂

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    This is a great and very detailed guide to planning your travels. I never leave home without scanning a copy of my passport, and also make sure I can access my insurance if necessary. I also always plan ahead when booking my flights, usually 6 weeks, as I think the prices tend to be cheaper.

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    Great list of helpful tips here! I’m guilty of not doing number 97 for at least a week after my trip! Thanks for the useful advice 😊

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    Great list of tips, I think you have nailed everything. I like to practice driving on the other side of the road too, we are Aussies and often find ourselves “back the front” when driving.

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    A very useful list of tips – thank you for sharing!

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    Thanks for this exhaustive list. Some of these sound no-brainer when said but we often forget. Best to keep a printout of this checklist handy for all travel needs 🙂

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    Amazing list of things to remember! This is a great option to have printable to keep on hand when necessary! Thanks for sharing!

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