10 Unique Museums To Visit In London


We have put together a quick guide to 10 quirky and fascinating museum’s to visit for when you are next in London. We have selected some of these which are unique as well as iterating from the world famous British museum to sing where  Freud lived you can get a glimpse of the past by visiting these extrodinary museums.

The British Museum

This is one of the largest museums in the world. It is situated in the Bloomsbury area of London and marks the beginning of the era of the British Empire and the change of culture that time has witnessed since then. It has prehistoric art objects and antiques and is known as the universal museum all over the world.

Freud Museum

Who would not like to see the couch where the idea of psychoanalysis sprung in Sigmund Freud’s mind? This is the house that served as his corner when the Nazis attacked Vienna in 1938 and contain certain memories of the place and his works. An upstairs room belongs to his daughter who lived, worked and died there in 1982.

Old Operating Theatre Museum

Situated in the famous St. Thomas Church in London this museum offers an insight into the history of medicine and surgery practiced in the 19th century. A rounded wooden staircase leads to the place where various antique furniture like an operating table right at the center, the then used medical instruments and a timber herb garret probably used to dry and store medicinal herbs are kept. There are also predated aesthetics and antiseptics, an incredible place to visits and learn about medicine from the past.

Pollock’s Toy Museum

Step back in time to see a vast collection of toys from the past. Looking like an old, and creaky Georgian house what makes it even more creepy is that it has the world’s oldest teddy, wax dolls, theatre toys, and puppets and a 4000-year-old Egyptian toy mouse made of Nile clay. This place is also fascinating for adults.

Grant Museum of Zoology 

Bisected heads, jars of snakes and moles and elephant skulls are some of the gruesome details of this museum. It is more of a zoological museum. There are certain things that will amaze you and at the same time appear gross like the skeleton of an Anaconda coiling around, bisected skull showing brains of animals and vertebrae and bones of the sea and terrestrial animals.

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, fine art, and natural history

Don’t be surprised if the objects put in the display does not make sense to you here. This fine art gallery contains all the artifacts and objects that were preserved by Viktor Wynd in what is called a cabinet of Wonders or Wunderkabbinat as called. All these displays range from masks and skulls to objects of sexual oddities, speaking much of Viktor Wynd’s idea of creating something more than as educating museum.

The Fan Museum

Inaugurated in 1991, it is the first of its kind that preserves and displays fan. It displays the diverse collection of fans dating from the 12th century to the present day. There are various European fan and fan leaves and attached to it is a Japanese garden which serves a variety of tea’s and snacks.

The Hunterian Museum

The collection of John Hunter is how the museum came into being. It contains the oldest anatomical and zoological collection and has bizarre things like a toad species where the spawn comes out from the mother’s back, a condom made of sheep intestine and dissected head of a mackerel.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Those who have a curiosity for knowing more about the Egyptian way of life, then this place is his paradise. It holds the chunks and charms utilized by ancient Egyptians. Potteries and earthenwares, jewellery and primitive tools and even a 4000-year-old skeleton are some of the highlights.

The Clink Prison Museum

No other museum can be as eerie in the atmosphere as this museum. Standing where it was initially built about 600 years ago, this place contains darkened cells and torturing devices that were used on its captives and those who were unfortunate to serve here. This place also speaks about its paranormal activities and is believed that many are serving their sentences even in the afterlife.

Visiting the museums of London is a fun-filled and knowledge quenching alternative. Which of the above would you like to visit? What are some your favourite museums you have visited? Leave us a comment below please. 



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    Arunima Dey

    Such an interesting list. I had no idea about the Toy Museum and the Clink Prison Museum. I can’t even remember finding when I was looking up things to do in London. I also really liked the City of London Museum.

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    Sippin Gypsy

    I love museums, especially ones that host oddities and unique finds that aren’t available at every other museum! The Egyptian Museum would be one of my favorite for certain!

  • Avatar

    Our boys would LOVE the Egyptian archeology museum- I had no idea this existed! They’d also love the zoology museum (as would my husband!). We can’t wait to get to London- pinning this so I don’t forget these places!!

  • Avatar

    I truly loved bumping into this article as it contains a great list of unique museums to visit in London, some of whom I still need to check. I am especially intrigued by the Fan one and I will organize a trip there soon. Thanks for putting together this lovely list.

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    Nina Out and About

    I thought I’d done everything in London, but clearly not! I’m moving to the UK in a number of months so I’ll have to check a few of these out (not the doll one though – it looks horrifying).

  • Avatar

    Wow…. great list of museums. I do love visiting history. Would love to visit them all.

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    Alex Trembath

    Omg… I live in London and haven’t been to any of these! Had only heard of a couple of them. Give us something to do this weekend! Fascinating stuff, we love museums too 🙂

  • Avatar

    Eeekkk!! I LOOOOOOVE museums!! Lol…yeah, that much. Only been to the British Museum, alas, but good to know the others too because I’ve got a weird morbid fascination. I always visit unique museums everywhere I visit and they’re a window into the past soul of the city.

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    I’ve been to London a bunch of times, but I’ve never even entered a museum there. A great post, and inspiration and proof that I should definitely try to visit a couple of museums next time I go:)

  • Avatar

    My son looked over my shoulder while I was reading this so now we’re apparently visiting The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, fine art, and natural history on our next family vacation. It does look really cool! I love unusual museums so I really enjoyed this post.

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