10 Top places to see in Brazil


Brazil is a country that is surrounded by some beautiful locations. It has the sea; it has the beaches, it has the second longest and the largest river in the world, it has the rainforests, it has the cliffs, the hillocks, the mountains and what not. The country in itself is a mini package of awe and grandeur. This list provides some of the amazing places to visit in Brazil. 

Top Ten BrazilChrist-the Redeemer 

Christ-the Redeemer is an iconic location in Brazil. It is situated on a huge hill facing Rio. It is one of the wonders of the world. It is a statue of Christ that stands 130 feet tall on the Corcovado Mountain that provides a panoramic view of Rio. 


Museu de Arte Contemporanea 

This is a museum that houses some of the artifacts. The highlight is the appearance as that of a UFO. The museum is elevated and faces the sea. It is one of the major tourist attractions that were built in the year 1996. The contemporary articles of the colonial era and some replicas of the monuments and other places of importance are housed in this museum. 

Cathedral of Brasilia

There are very old churches that were built during the Portuguese times in the cities of Brazil. This church is comparatively new and is flocked owing to the different style of architecture that was used to build this church. For those, who love to see some modernity amidst the red stone, burnt stone laden churches in the places of Brazil, this is surely a must visit the church. 

Pelourinho (Salvador)

This is one of the ancient cities in Brazil. It looks more or less than that of an oil color painting. Very colorful and vibrant. It is also a great place to enjoy some of the best seafood in Brazil. This place is said to be the colonial occupation when the Portuguese arrived in Brazil. 

Pelourinho (Salvador)Copacabana 

It is one of the most popular beaches in the world. The white sand and the bluish-green waters with the coastline is filled with some of the exotic hotels, and expensive restaurants are flocked by millions of tourists throughout the year. For beach lovers, this beach is a must visit.  

Copacabana Teatro Amazonas

It is more commonly or popularly known as Amazon theatre that has a great architectural style and is built using the teak that was obtained from the Amazon rainforest. The flooring using the marble obtained from Italy, the theatre is used for stage shows since ages and one of the marvels of Brazil.  

Amazon River 

One can have an aerial view of the world’s largest river by planning a visit to Brazil. In the lap of the Amazon River, is the world’s largest rainforest cover that occupies more than half of the total rainforest cover in the world. The Amazon River is home to about 1000 varieties of fauna, and there are still researchers going on to find some more exciting features about the river basin. One can plan a range of activities at the basin of the river.

Amazon RiverIguaçu Falls 

This fall is one of the largest in the world. It is located on the Brazil and Argentina border. Like the Niagra, this is about 275 falls on the Iguazu River. This falls can be reached by road from Argentina as well as some of the other prominent places in Brazil.  

Iguaçu Falls 

Curitiba-Paranagua Train Ride 

If one visits Brazil and wants to have a touch with nature’s flora after basking under the sun in the beaches, then this train ride is a must. The train runs through some long tunnels and bridges that run through the rainforests. 


Ipanema is the place to visit to take home some of the memories from Brazil as it is one of the great places to shop with some amazing boutiques around the place. 

This list can never justify the amount of beauty in a place like Brazil that is filled with both olden beauty and modernity. Let us know what your favourite places are in Brazil. 


Top Ten Brazil

Top Ten BrazilTop Ten BrazilTop Ten Brazil




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