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Featured Bloggers April 1, 2017

Interview With Pip and the City

Digital Travel Guru’s Interview with Portia Jones – Pip and the City.

Please tell us when you started your blog, what inspired you to start blogging & anything about your blog you want to share, including how you came up with your blog name, how long you have been blogging.

Pip and the City is a Lifestyle and Travel blog, combining my love for adventures, trips, food, drink and pretty things, written in the style of ‘delightful whimsy’. I mostly enjoy living out a Carrie Bradshaw fantasy of sipping wine and tapping away on a laptop. Hence the name ‘Pip and the City’, as a sort of wink to that. Blogging gives me a space to create posts that I am passionate about. It’s always lovely to write for other publications but with blogging you are the master of your own creativity. I love travelling and food so I didn’t want the blog to be too specific as I enjoy lots of different things, so I chose to start a multi themed blog. This means that posts can be anything from a cocktail masterclass, a travel guide, restaurant review, a guide to glamping or reviewing a 6 kilo turkey. I started my blog after a few years of writing and guest blogging for other websites and publications. I really wanted a platform for sharing tips on the fantastic places there are in Cardiff, Wales and the wider world, so after much wine and deliberation I thought it best to start a lifestyle and a travel blog, with the mantra being: Travel. Eat. Write. Repeat in the hope that readers may find my ramblings useful and hopefully entertaining.