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Featured Bloggers April 1, 2017

Interview With Pip and the City

Digital Travel Guru’s Interview with Portia Jones – Pip and the City.

Please tell us when you started your blog, what inspired you to start blogging & anything about your blog you want to share, including how you came up with your blog name, how long you have been blogging.

Pip and the City is a Lifestyle and Travel blog, combining my love for adventures, trips, food, drink and pretty things, written in the style of ‘delightful whimsy’. I mostly enjoy living out a Carrie Bradshaw fantasy of sipping wine and tapping away on a laptop. Hence the name ‘Pip and the City’, as a sort of wink to that. Blogging gives me a space to create posts that I am passionate about. It’s always lovely to write for other publications but with blogging you are the master of your own creativity. I love travelling and food so I didn’t want the blog to be too specific as I enjoy lots of different things, so I chose to start a multi themed blog. This means that posts can be anything from a cocktail masterclass, a travel guide, restaurant review, a guide to glamping or reviewing a 6 kilo turkey. I started my blog after a few years of writing and guest blogging for other websites and publications. I really wanted a platform for sharing tips on the fantastic places there are in Cardiff, Wales and the wider world, so after much wine and deliberation I thought it best to start a lifestyle and a travel blog, with the mantra being: Travel. Eat. Write. Repeat in the hope that readers may find my ramblings useful and hopefully entertaining.

India January 22, 2017

Travel & Explore India In Your Gap Year

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It is said that 20s is the best time to travel. The 20s is the time when your young mind is ready to accept and learn new things. These learnings shape you as a person in the future. What better way to do this & travel round India in your gap year.