What is VolunteersBase.com and how does it work?

VBase is a money less help exchange network, it’s free and always will be!
Hosts in need of help submit their Projects and Volunteers interested in joining get in touch. There is no money involved.

Why VB?

Volunteering adds a great value to any trip. It brings people together, teaches new skills and builds community in the process. 

However, before getting in a plane to some remote country you should ask yourself: “Do I really have the right skills to make a difference?” If you do, you will find many NGOs looking for skilled professionals (doctors, teachers, engineers, etc) to join their long-term projects and they will cover your traveling expenses and livings costs.

If you don’t have valuable skills you will still find many organizations which will take you in for a monthly fee ($300-$1500). Many people are discouraged by those organizations asking for money and end up thinking that volunteering is just a huge scam, where there is a big market selling “feel good experiences” to those who are willing to pay. 

So what if you are not a doctor and don’t wish to buy a “feel good experience” but you still want to volunteer somewhere? Then consider going smaller scale – it can be equally valuable and you will still make a difference for the people you work with and the surrounding community.

There are millions of “little projects” going on all around the world without the NGO status that will be happy to have you. And this is what “Volunteers Base” is all about – a place to bring those “little projects” and volunteers together.

What kind of projects can I find in VB?
Projects can be almost anything. In fact, whatever you need help with can be the next project. Some examples: sustainability-related projects, farming, building, home renovations, community projects, hostel work, arts and crafts, language teaching, homeless shelters, event management, baby/house/pet-sitting, etc.

How much does it cost to participate?
Absolutely nothing. VB is the free alternative to the volunteering networks which cost money for membership.
What is the difference between VB and similar websites?
“Hosts” listing their projects in VB will support volunteers by offering them this service for free as well, both parties will be participating in a money less volunteering network.
For “Volunteers” the difference is clear, they won’t pay anything to participate and to apply for projects. That means that if they can’t find a project that fits their interests or schedule they won’t end up with a useless premium membership.

I love the idea, how can I help?

This is a brand-new project, totally not-for-profit and with zero budget. It offers a free service and aims to take no revenue at all. Therefore it relies on you to help the network grow. If you would like to show some love visit the “Support” section of the website to find out “3 ways to help in less than 1 minute” and other ways that might take a bit longer. Digital Travel Guru encourages to check this out, as Volunteers Base is a fantastic project

Message for all present and future Volunteer Hosts:
VB needs you! We have no fees. We make no profit. This will be a free service always for everyone who uses it. We need the support of new and existing volunteer hosts for this project to grow.



What a great resource, please check out their website for some amazing opportunities, and if you have any openings that require volunteers please share one this site.